Building Office

Building Office works with the universities shared infrastructure in a number of activities such as provision of premises, environmental, physical safety and security.

Building Office prepare and execute the decision on the University's physical planning and provision of premises, accounting for lease negotiations and hiring of premises and the local administration and internal tenancy system. We are investigating and planning new respective conversion needs including interior design and real estate related equipment and is responsible for project management.

We develop and operate the university's work on safety, environmental and physical work environment based on legislative requirements, contracts and policy documents. The area includes technology security, surveillance, crisis management systems, fire protection, insurance, environmental management, licensing issues etc.

Information for university staff in these areas is situated on the website "For employees" that you find at the top left of the header.

Contact Information

Building Office
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå 

Visiting Address
Administration Building, Universitetstorget 16

Tel:  + 46 90-786 50 00

Fax:  +46 90-786 74 75

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